One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s… Album Cover! (The PDX Irritable Bowel Syndrome Monster)

It’s always nice to stumble upon a “find” that makes you smile, for whatever reason, on whatever level of happiness, but it’s extra pleasant to stumble across something that can be used for your business as well as something that you know will hold great entertainment value for like-minded people who have been supporting you for years, like you folks, the Cultists who listen to Seesar’s noisescape madness! This is the story of one such find…

When I relocated to Portland a few months ago, I was in need of many basic things, like a home, and I ended up signing up to loads of services like Nextdoor, Rooster, Trash Nothing, and whatever other Freecycle equivalents I could find to source those all important civilized things, like an electric kettle for tea, pillows, towels, space heaters, and that sort of thing. I was lucky in my searches and people effectively threw stuff at me and my new little music hovel quickly filled up with the essentials. Good times! Couldn’t get much better, even, right? Wrong! In a positive way!

I was scoping the lists of freebies, mostly just out of habit, when I came across an advert that read, “Horrid Artwork! Can’t Stand It! Please Remove!” Well, that was plenty enticing enough to click the “read more” link and find out what the heck was so offensive that it elicited an urgent posting to have it taken away asap. On the advert, there was a blurry, somewhat distant picture of what looked like a large canvas propped up against fence with a figure on it, with the terse description of, “Not my sort of thing! Free! Just want it gone!” It was hard to see the details, but clearly it was a creature of some sort. For, though, it WAS my sort of thing! Not only did I see nothing offensive about the artwork, through the lens of a rained on phone camera, I saw something that resonated with me enough to warrant a reply to the post – I said I would take it if I could arrange to get help from a friend to come pick it up.

There was an almost instant reply from the person in fear of this piece of art, saying they were going to be out and about and would happily drop it off just to get it out of their yard. I couldn’t refuse that and sent over my new address. I had some errands to run and thought that I was going to miss the delivery of my new score, but that wasn’t exactly the case. I was, in fact, home, when s/he arrived (no idea if it was a man or woman), but instead of getting a text or call on my mobile, letting me know to pop around the front of the house to help extract it from the terrified person’s car, I got a knock on the door from the woman who lives in the house on the street side of the property, telling me someone just drove up, threw something in yard, yelled out it was for me, and took off.

I walked out to the front garden, half chuckling with disbelief and half scared myself of what I was going to find. When I got there, though, I was so overwhelmed with joy that I spent almost twenty minutes in the cold gazing at my newly acquired painting – it was outstanding! The best way to describe it (and I must admit, I stole this name from someone else) is that it looks like an Irritable Bowel Syndrome Monster! I’ll go a step further and say it’s almost like Ralph Steadman painted an Asian Yokai version of an Irritable Bowel Syndrome Monster, and it wasn’t on a canvas, but on a big wooden door, no less, tough and sturdy and ready to be placed proudly in my back garden within sight of my front door! It was freaking huge, too! Door-sized, but slightly bigger, and the IBS Monster from space was easily human-sized – and ready for a fine photo shoot! 🙂

I immediately texted a picture to Victoria Snaith from Dread Falls Theatre, knowing that I was going to be using it in some capacity other than just enjoying it in my yard. Victoria was (as usual) completely on the same page with me and texted back – New Cd Cover! She was spot on, of course and I’m proud to say that sometime soon, Seesar will be using this fine work of visual goodness for just that – to adorn a new release or track with its amazing fiendish goodness!

So look for some new dark ambient Lovecraftian Futurist Gothscapes to come forth from the mind of Seesar and know that it will have been inspired by this incredible trash-turned-treasure: The PDX Irritable Bowel Syndrome Monster!

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