Horned Candelabra: Strange Gift, Stage Prop, or Musical Instrument?

Cultists, Tentacles, and Deep Ones!

I call upon you to judge an unusual and bizarre item given to me as partial payment from a friend for assistance in relocating a houseful of possessions. The gift, a 6 foot tall, black iron candelabra, is adorned with what appears to be a woodland creature’s horns, and provides the means to display and light five large candles. Apparently, the animal bit on the top preserved via taxidermy was conjured by my friend’s grandfather and the piece, although seemingly strapped together with a strip-tie and screws, was likened to a family heirloom. It was reiterated over and over how I was lucky to get this amazing piece of art/culture/furniture, and it showed how much my hard work was appreciated.

Gaze, now, Cultists, upon the insanity that is the Horned Candelabra!

Well, I must admit, I do enjoy the piece, but to what end and on what level? Aesthetically, it at once commands entertainment and sheer terror. The intended functionality of the piece holds appeal for the Neo-Medieval Goth in my inner dark soul, but as Seesar, would I allow myself to end the associations and utilitarianism there? Of course not! Any good Futurist can see that it will have multiple functions! Perhaps the most obvious is to use the piece as a stage prop, and it would be a good one at that! Since I have touring plans for 2018 or before, I would venture to say you cultists have the piece’s adorning properties to which you can look forward!

And we all know what’s coming next: Does it make a good sound? Perhaps striking it with a wooden stick? Or bowing an arm with a cello or bass bow? Need I go further and inform you all that I wasted no time in testing the possibilities!? With a madman’s glee, I found the piece to be able to emit a range of tones, pitches, and various metallic sonorities, all ripe for the recording and enhancing a live performance! So much, in fact, that I’m pleased to say you will most definitely be hearing the horned candelabra on an upcoming Seesar release and most likely on stage in the future as well!

That’s all, fellow cultists… I merely wanted to share the good news that Lovecraftian Futurism has yet again salvaged what may have been considered a mortifying, useless oddity and transformed it like a tainted Innsmouth resident into a disturbing visual and sonic anomaly, fitting for a Seesar dark ambient experience!

Off to find the next item to absorb into the arsenal…

(And yes, the walls of my new flat are black. Why do you think I moved in!?)

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