First Seesar Album to be Reissued by Sombre Soniks as Limited CDR!

Hi there Tentacles and Deep Ones!

Check this out! Sombre Soniks has decided to host a VERY limited run of VERY limited runs of CDRs of some of their choice releases that, to date, have only been available via digital download. That’s pretty darned exciting as it stands, because Sombre Soniks is without a doubt one of the best labels across which I’ve ever come, but it’s doubly exciting when they told me that they wanted to reissue my first album Flight of Raphtontis as one of these special CDRs, and even more exciting when I found out they selected my album to be the first CDR released!

The CDRs are going be mega limited – only 23 copies each! They are presented in a lovely digipack with slightly new artwork for the release, plus they will be numbered, and I will most likely be hosting a contest to give away one of the CDRs signed, as well. Pretty kick ass! Certainly better than a slap across the face by the wing of a blind Night Gaunt!

The CDRs will emerge from the darkness on 31st January, 2017, but no need to wait for that to get one! They can be pre-ordered now here:

Pre-Order Seesar Flight of Raphtontis on CDR!

Does the insanity end there? Of course not! If you pre-order the CDR, Sombre Soniks will send you a copy of their latest PDF magazine Seminations that features a new interview with Seesar in this issue and has a download link for a new exclusive Seesar track! (You can also just get the magazine, too, of course). Check that out here:

Sombre Soniks Seminations Volume 04 (featuring Seesar)

Okay. I’ll stop ranting about the CDR, but trust me, I’ll still be squirming with elation about it all long after I stopped typing!

Dark Nightmares, Fellow Cultists!

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