Father Dagon Rises Again! Working on the Dread Falls Theatre Lovecraft-Inspired Podcast

Queen von Dread has landed in PDXville and the work begins! Fun work, of course, so it’s welcome! YAY!

What does that actually mean? Well, it means that Victoria Snaith, AKA Victoria von Dread, Dread Falls Thearte’s illustrious leader (read as director, writer, organizer, company owner, puppet designer, and whatever other creative hat you can put on one person involved with creating and presenting immersive and promenade performances), has come to Portland, Oregon in part to work with Seesar on wrapping up the recordings for her latest project, the podcast of Father Dagon.

In 2014, Dread Falls Theatre presented their immersive work Father Dagon, that (for those of you who don’t know) created the spooky fishing village of Innsmouth taken from the lore of H. P. Lovecraft, and generated an experience for audience members that included movement-based storytelling, Futurist soundscapes, spoken word passages, and environmentally emotive settings through which the company narrated new tales of Lovecraftian horror, written by Snaith. (The show was one of the projects that led up to the formation of the New Leaders of the Eldritch Cult, featuring the amazing sound artists raxil4, Mu, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency (in the studio), Seesar, and additional fabulous musicians, Anton Mobin, and Charlie Collins.) The characters of the story interacted in an intertwined fashion, but also each had their own tale to tell. There was a definitive conclusion to the performance, mostly capping off the stories with ends or tangible stopping points, but there was so much more to the story than what an audience member could gather from the performance, even if they attended more than one night, that Victoria decided to revisit the piece, this time focusing on to what the audience was never privy: the backstories of each character that led up to the events of the immersive piece.

[Long-time Dread Falls theatre actor Haydn Davis is getting his Lovecraft on as he reads the part of Obed Marsh for episode 01 of the Father Dagon podcast at the Von Dread Studios in High Wycombe, UK. Gaze with envy upon his Esoteric Order of Dagon hoodie that surely was channeled during his vocal performance!]

Victoria has already gathered her actors and recorded the tracks that will be included in the podcast. Each chapter of the podcast will highlight a different character, in a way, presenting, as the immersive theatre show did, the ways in which the characters develop and become intertwined to create the stage show. Don’t worry, though. The stories are also conclusive and self-contained, so you won’t have to have seen the live show to get the story and each narrative can stand alone, if needed. I’m not going to lie, though: it will make you wish you had or could see the stage show…

[Look how hard we are working! 🙂 What you can’t see is the box of cookies to Victoria’s left, nor hear the pouring rain almost putting us both to sleep. Still, we are getting things done! \m/]

So what’s going on here in Portland, then? Piecing it all together, of course! Seesar’s role in all this is creating the soundscape for the podcast and editing the vocal bits. Today we have been going through the narratives and files to get a feel for the editing and there’s already a little theme in place to use for the teaser Episode 00 that will come out super soon. (Don’t worry – I’ll post like mad here and on social media when the release date is official and you can check it out), and soon we will be sitting at the digital audio workstation, chopping and pasting and creating a monster a la Dr. West, so that all you Lovecraft fans out there can revel in the audio madness that will be the upcoming Father Dagon podcast from the incomparable Victoria Snaith and Dread Falls Theatre! WHOOO!

If you want to find out more or just want to stay updated on this exciting upcoming Lovecraftian goodness, visit the Dread Falls Theatre Website, like DFT on Facebook, or sign up to their emailing list (on either page above) or to Seesar’s Email List (and get some free dark ambient Futurist music, to boot!)

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