Chatting with Timur Iskandarov of Tamerlan about Luciferian, the New CD (with Seesar)

In January of 2016, I got a lovely invitation from an amazing musician and now good friend, Timur Iskandarov, to participate in a contributing to a new CD for his project Tamerlan. Of course, I was thrilled! I was already somewhat familiar with Tamerlan through being part of the Sombre Soniks family, and I have also worked with various other artists who, at one time or another, have either played with Timur or had recommended checking out his fabulous music.

Luckily, I was currently living in Paris with an outstanding studio engineer, Arno Lubrique, and had access to his facilities and talents, so I was able to record several tracks for the CD, then sub-mix them with further preparation using the ever-changing Formless Spawn Studios, also in Paris at the time, and worked with Timur to get my bits on four of the tracks for the eight song CD, Luciferian, that came out on 15th of December last year.

It is an incredible dark Gothic collection of material with a lot of acoustic and electric string virtuosity, solid compositional framing, and a great line up of guest musicians. I’ve been so impressed with the release, that I wanted to share, and also, I thought I’d find out a little more about the mentality and process behind piecing together this fantastic release, so I’ve had a chat with the man behind Tamerlan, Timur Iskandarov himself, to hear what he has to say about working with guest artists to accomplish his musical goals:

First I wanted to know how Timur selected the tracks, ordered the tracks, and chose the sonic elements for each track. Timur gave me this meaningful reply, “The tracks are pieced in order to follow the evolution of the soul, starting with recovery from the wounds received in our, physical world, by turning to the supreme source, and finishing the chapter, by meeting those, who had the meaning in that physical world, but this time in their divine form.”

When I asked about how he selected the guest artists who would appear on the release, Timur said, “I was always interested to connect with like-minded people worldwide, and artists whose work I admire in one way or another. So,while Tamerlan is my personal language with the world, for me [it is also] it’s a great honor to use it as a way to sometimes communicate with [these like-minded] artists [I respect]. This tradition started on AIN (Tamerlan’s previous CD), is continued on Luciferian, and [most likely will] be upheld on future releases.”

“For me, it was always important to arrange the sounds and instruments, so that they all work together in creating a single aural entity,” Timur commented, talking about piecing together the sonic elements of each track. “This is how I wanted the contributions of my guests to be. Not like parts that stand out, but as a natural element within the song structure. I think that’s what brings our collaborations to a completely new level, and adds the element of personal communication, rather than standard featuring.”

And I couldn’t agree more! The production of the CD lends itself to feel like it was one congruent mindset and less of a collaboration, more of a mutual embodiment that drives the tracks and unifies the songs on the CD into a cohesive flow of pure music. Dark music, I might add. just the way I like it! Other artists that appeared on the release included Swedish singer Cecilia Bjargo from dark Gothic industrial band Sophia (among many other fantastic projects); drummer Aleksandar Maksimovic from The Father of Serpents, and Black Metal artist Khargash, both based in Serbia; and Swiss atmospheric and Black Metal vocalist/guitarist Bornyhake from the band Borgne. An abolutely amazing cast of characters on Luciferian!

If you want to check out like what some of the tracks sound, here’s a little trailer for the CD: Tamerlan Luciferian Trailer

Or you can just go grab the CD here: Tamerlan Luciferian on CD It’s a definite must for fans of Sol Invictus, Arcana, Dead Can Dance, and that sort of high production value Dark Gothic Neofolk (or “Death Folk” as Timur likes to call it!)

One last thing of fun stuff: Luciferian has been nominated for “Best (Metal) Album of the Year for 2016 in Serbia”! This is an industry peer and public voted award, and you still have until the 1st of February to cast your vote. Pop over to the Voting Page and select Tamerlan and then click “Glasaj” below the list of artists.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Timur for inviting me to be part of this kick ass CD! Enjoy and let me (or Timur or anyone else involved) know what you think!

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