Seesar - Dark Ambient Lovecraft Inspired Futurist Gothscapes
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Seesar Biography

The Seesar project constructs dark ambient soundscapes inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, utilizing Italian Futurism and Dadaist approaches to sound creation

In part, Seesar accomplishes this realization of darkness by performing on percussion from around the world using traditional and extended techniques, turning household items into musical instruments, and building new noise-making devices to generate unique sounds.

Seesar is typically a solo project by percussionist and Ethnomusicologist Dr. Will Connor, who formed the project in 2007, but occasionally extends the project's line-up to invite like-minded guest musicians to take part in the creation of sonic madness.

Currently, Seesar has released three full-length CDs, appeared on several compilations of dark ambient music, and is participating in a multi-artist collaboration project with other Lovecraft-inspired Futurist music and multimedia artists under the name New Leaders of the Eldritch Cult, including sound design for Gothic drama company Dread Falls Theatre, and continuing academic research related to Lovecraftian Futurism.

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Dread Falls Theatre Official Website

To contact Seesar for bookings, licensing, academic work, or anything related to Lovecraft, Futurism, dark ambient music, Ethnomusicology, musical instruments, or the Gothic subculture, by all means! Please email! Speak with Seesar

Seesar performing with Dread Falls Theatre

Seesar performing with Dread Falls Theatre in their 2011 production of Domestic Tinitus, London, U.K.

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